Special thanks and credit for the UH-1H Iroquois cockpit image goes to photographer: “[Rob Neil.Pacific Wings] @ Pixstel”.

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Tomahawk 21 … South Korea ’74-’76


In the military IP is the acronym for Instructor Pilot. I am an Army trained Contact, Tactics & NOE, Nighthawk, and Night Vision Goggles Instructor Pilot. I am also an Army trained contract instrument instructor pilot. I love flying, especially military flying. I should have stayed longer than the six years of active duty I did, but I got out to see what life as an adult civilian was like.

I love programming also... There are some extremely talented programming instructors out there. From the courses I've taken on Udemy, I know they far exceed my capability. And, I have another problem. When it comes to all things cyber, I'm like a kid in a candy store; which causes me to be more like the Hare in the classic: “The Tortoise and The Hare”. Alas… So many cyber things to explore and enjoy, and so little time!

I have accomplished somethings along the lines of the Tortoise:

  1. I completed Army Flight School, became a BZ pilot and check pilot, was a Military Instructor Pilot.
  2. I completed a BS Degree in Computer Science in 2001
  3. I built ProximityCast.com
  4. I built Worldguru Academy
  5. And, I became a dedicated & persistent student of .
    • I love this editor, and try to exercise my Vim muscle everyday!
    • Vim continually amazes me every time I learn something new.
    • I only wish I had discovered Vim sooner. Regardless, I'm glad I finally found it!
    • If there ever was a way of generating more time, it is mastering the Vim Editor!

There are a few other things I've done, but I digress…