Text Editors for Web Development

A good text editor for web development is the pearl of great price for those who are serious about their web development. You can get by with using notepad provided with windows or textedit provided with macs.

When I am doing something minor and quick, I often just open textedit and get-her-done! If I'm on a windows machine I'll open notepad and get-her-done. There is something to be commended in being able to competently get around and get-her-done using a minimalist editor such as notepad or textedit. Imagine... You could disappear off the grid and from any windows or mac computer that you manage to get access to surreptitiously or otherwise with internet access you can download a file you know how to acquire, edit that file, and upload it again before disappearing into the ether once again without being crippled by absolutely having to have access to a Cadillac editor.

But then, insisting on doing all your web development work on a minimalist editor is kinda like insisting on mowing a 7 acre yard with a push mower instead of telling Dave Ramsey to go jump in a lake and financing a nice zero turn mower that can make quick, easy, and fun work of mowing a 7 acre yard.

The good news is many excellent editors are free or cost very little. I settled on Sublime Text, and though I could still be using their free version the $70 bucks I spent on my license was money well spent with no regrets from my perspective.

Here is a good article profiling more information on 18 great text editors for web designers for those who plan on doing more than just occasionally dabbling with a little web development. Or, for those who simply appreciate good tools.