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Text Editors

If I had to do it all over again with what I know now, I would have started using the Vim Editor long, long ago!

Point #1

Microsoft's "Notepad" and Mac's "Textedit"

Notepadon Microsoft Windows or Text Editon OSX come already installed on a new computer and are just fine for for minor stuff. However, when and if you get serious about coding a good text editor can be worth its weight in gold!

Point #2

Text Editor Resource Links:

Point #3

a point to ponder...

Even if an editor is free, it still requires an investment in time to learn and master its best time saving features. So, spend a little time considering your needs and investigating which editor will most likely be a best fit for you.

Point #4

Now, lets open a new example.htm file in both Text Edit and Sublime Text for a quick comparison of a simple no frills editor and a cadallac text editor:Terminal Macro: cipeditorclass

Point #5

Expanding Selection & Code Folding

1st: In Sublime Text we will look at expanding selection to matching tags and code folding.

PURPOSE: easily hide long, distracting code.

  1. Shift + Command + A is the shortcut key:
  2. Option + Command + [ is the Code Folding shortcut key:

Point #6

Rapid Selection of Multiple Identical Items for simultaneous editing

2nd: In Sublime Text we will look at selecting multiple identical items:

  1. Command + D is the shortcut key:
    • Identical words of interest:

    • 1st). select "Example Domain" inside the title tag.
    • 2nd). Command + D will cause the next "Example Domain" inside the h1 tag to also be selected.
    • 3rd). Edit as desired!

Point #7

The Same Edits in the No Frills Editoris more tedious!

3rd: In Text Edit we will look at editing the title tag and the h1 tag. Note: it is not possible to simultaneously edit the two tag items.

This concludes the introduction to text editors. Any questions?